Develop your Authentic Vision and Grow like never before

Shirin Behzadi
Board Member, Advisor
and Keynote Speaker

Develop your Authentic Vision and Grow like never before

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Shirin works with leaders to create, build and successfully implement an authentic vision that generates massive growth.

As CEO, she organically grew her organization-wide sales by $350 million in 3.5 years, doubling the value of the company in the process.


Executives and leaders of companies with hundreds of millions to multi-billions in sales implementing massive growth across national and international brands.


Entrepreneurs and leaders contemplating raising capital, preparing for a successful exit or seeking advice navigating the private equity capital landscape from the point of view of a CEO who's done it.


Start-up leaders looking to scale their vision to align their rapidly growing company and to create a strategically sound trajectory to success.

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It All Started With A Vision.

Born in Iran, Shirin faced the reality of her beautiful country being taken over by an oppressive regime when she was 12.

After being arrested (and eventually released) for having a book, Shirin made the difficult move to the U.S., alone.

Working at a gas station at age 17, Shirin shared with a co-worker her vision was to some day run an organization like GM.

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It was this vision that guided her to becoming a very successful entrepreneur and CEO, through a career that started as a CPA, business advisor and CFO of many organizations.

Joining a small team with a big dream, Shirin oversaw the financial growth of what would become Home Franchise Concepts.

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In 2015, she successfully completed a private equity partnership and as CEO she shared a VISION with over two thousand franchise owners. Through well-organized execution of this vision, the company's growth skyrocketed in the next three and half years.

From the stage and in boardrooms across the world, Shirin now works with leaders to create and implement an Authentic Vision that inspires, informs and directs substantial engagement and growth in their entire organization.

Doing Well by Doing Good


How does an Authentic Vision make such a difference?

Complete clarity for where you are going

The specific path on how to get there

Organization-wide engagement to accomplish the vision

As a result:

You will see new growth fueled by alignment across leadership, teams, operations, and systems.

Let's move your organization to a new level, together.

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Shirin distills lessons learned from 30 years of successful, real-world experience as the CEO, CFO and consultant into

Highly Actionable,
Engaging Keynotes:


Keynote 1

The Power of an Authentic Vision 

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Keynote 2

Advantage through Adversity

Group 6

Keynote 3

Effective Leadership to Implementing Your Vision

Group 8

Keynote 4

From Capital Investment to Successful Exit

Group 9

Keynote 5

Leading Companies To Growth

Shirin shares lessons learned from a career of success in business.

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