Achieve Your Authentic Vision

Practical Strategies and Roadmaps for Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs Ready to Grow

Shirin Behzadi
Board Member, Advisor
and Keynote Speaker

Achieve Your Authentic Vision

Practical Strategies and Rodmaps for Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs Ready to Grow

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In Her Engaging,
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Shirin shares practical advice and insights from her remarkable 30-year career as accomplished CEO with years of growth experience and PE partnership and as a CFO of multiple companies. She is able to speak to a variety of business-related topics, including:


Creating an Authentic Vision


Effective Leadership to Implementing Your Vision


Planning For & Securing Capital Investments


Preparing For A Successful Exit


Leading Companies To Growth

Keynote One

Creating an Authentic Vision

Learn How to Create and Communicate a Compelling Authentic Vision

This engaging keynote will inspire your audience to create an Authentic Vision that provides complete clarity for where they’re going, how to get there, and how to engage their entire organization in accomplishing that vision.

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This program is perfect for:

  • Leaders and entrepreneurs seeking growth and organizational alignment
  • Senior leaders guiding massive growth across national and international brands
  • Leaders and founders ready to move the organization to its next phase of evolution
  • Leaders and entrepreneurs guiding teams through unprecedented change

Your audience will leave knowing how to:

  • Clarify their authentic vision
  • Create buy-in and engagement in your leadership and employees
  • Organize and mobilize their teams and company to work cohesively towards common success
  • Make their entire organization feel seen, valued, and heard as they achieve the vision together
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This program is perfect for:

  • Leaders who are looking to be more effective in their roles
  • Entrepreneurs who own their own businesses and are looking to enhance their leadership skills
  • Managers and executives opting for career advancement
  • Anybody who wants to become a better leader in their field

Your audience will leave with:

  • A better understanding of the pillars of leadership
  • An appreciation for the critical role of a good leader
  • Clear and actionable steps to build confidence in leadership
  • A feeling of empowerment, motivation, and confidence in becoming a terrific leader
Keynote Two

Effective Leadership for Implementing Your Vision

Unleash Your Inner Leader

This inspiring session gives your audience the ideas, tools, and encouragement they need to unleash the leader that is already within them.

Keynote Three

Planning for & Securing Capital Investments

Practical Strategies for Navigating the Capital Landscape

This keynote equips your audience with an understanding of the merits of equity partnerships and insights to help determine whether they are right for their company. Additionally, they’ll learn how to create value propositions that help secure capital investments.


This program is perfect for:

  • Companies examining the merits of securing capital partnerships
  • Leaders exploring equity investments
  • Entrepreneurs looking to secure the right capital/equity partners

Your audience will leave with:

  • A better understanding of the capital landscape
  • A list of the pros and cons of equity partnerships
  • The best practices in planning for the right capital partners
  • Strategies to create the best value in a capital transaction
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This program is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to strategically plan the most successful transitions
  • Leaders and business executives who want to learn how to best create company value
  • Management and executives with responsibilities around preparation for transactions

Your audience will leave with an understanding of the:

  • Steps involved with a successful transaction
  • Factors to consider in preparing for an exit
  • Expectations and processes for a capital transaction
  • Steps to overcoming hurdles and challenges in the process
Keynote Four

Preparing for a Successful Exit

A Clear Roadmap to a Profitable Transition

This highly actionable session teaches your audience the fundamental building blocks to creating a successful exit for stakeholders and how to practically plan for the best outcome.

Keynote Five

Leading Companies to Growth

Inspire Massive Growth in Your Organization

Shirin shares real-world lessons from her career in this practical session. Your audience will learn the fundamentals of substantial and sustainable growth that can create strategies and execution across the organization.

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This program is perfect for:

  • Executives and company leaders looking for business growth
  • Entrepreneurs at different stages interested in growth
  • Anybody in a leadership position who wants to better understand how to create roadmaps and strategies for growth

Your audience will leave with:

  • An understanding of the fundamentals of growth
  • Execution strategies and growth plans
  • Inspiration to take their organization to the next level

Let's move your organization to a new level, together.


Shirin shares lessons learned from a career of success in business.

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