Staffing, Layoffs, and Thoughtful Transitions

In an ever-changing business landscape, staffing decisions hold great importance. The way a business handles staffing changes has a significant impact on the entire organization. By adopting a wise and empathetic approach to staffing, an organization can demonstrate their commitment to employees and the overall success of the organization. Recently we are seeing mass layoffs … Read more

Price Increases and Responding to Inflation

As inflation impacts businesses, devising a sound strategy for price adjustments becomes paramount. Companies must tread carefully, balancing the need for profitability with the goal of retaining satisfied customers. Embrace a pilot approach for price increases, starting with specific products or services to gauge customer reactions and market dynamics. This method provides valuable insights into … Read more

Business Strategy During A Recession

I faced one of the toughest challenges for our company during the Great Recession, which was greater than today’s market uncertainties. Our company was in the home improvement industry, and the housing-led recession happened quickly, changing the layout of the home-owner industry at large. We needed to revisit our go-to-market strategies, talk to consumers, and … Read more

Embrace the Power of Connections

Collaboration has become a driving force behind innovation and success, and the ability to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations opens the door to endless possibilities. As an industry leader, I have had many opportunities present themselves to me through collaboration. But, where can we find these collaboration opportunities? And more importantly how can we … Read more

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