The Value of Empathy and Open Communication for Corporate Leaders Today

The journey toward success isn’t always easy… I’m constantly inspired by those who believe in their vision and use their voice and create growth and positive change. These visionaries, the business leaders, are the ones who hold the reins to guide their companies toward success. Embracing these fundamental business tips will not only enhance leadership … Read more

Consumer Sentiment and Business Growth

One of the top business challenges in today’s environment is consumer sentiment. As market conditions remain choppy, many face uncertainty around predicting and planning around consumer behavior. This challenge calls for organizations to become sharper and more focused on their offerings and what they solve for in the mind of the consumer. As advisor and … Read more

The Strategic Path from Vision to Execution

In the pursuit of business success, it’s essential to set a clear and compelling vision that serves as the guiding star for your organization. But it doesn’t stop there. The journey from vision to execution involves breaking down that ultimate vision into bigger & loftier goals, strategies, tactics, and measurable plans. The ultimate vision provides … Read more

Business Fundamentals in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty and unpredictability have become constant companions for businesses, making forecasting more challenging. Nonetheless, amidst these choppy waters, organizations that stay laser-beam-focused on the fundamentals are positioned to weather the storm best. I’ve seen this over and over. When an organization does not succumb to the pressure to experiment outside of its core offerings and … Read more

Scale Global Summit 2023

At SCALE Global, there were many conversations about the challenges and uncertainties in the marketplace both domestically and globally. My talk was about how to lead through challenging times, and create a foundationally sound organization that can not only survive uncertain times but to gain from them. I am grateful for the wisdom I have … Read more

The 35th Annual ROTH Conference

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my insights and expertise at the 35th Annual Roth, Private Equity Conference.The event provides a unique opportunity for successful companies and investors to connect and share insight. I was joined by some of the most inspiring industry experts from around the world who shared their journey to … Read more

Leadership Lunch Talk at the UC Berkeley Center for Law & Business

I had the honor of joining an incredible panel to discuss the various challenges women face in the legal profession and how to overcome them. Thank you to UC Berkeley’s Women in Business Law Initiative for creating this space for transformative conversation, as well as to these inspiring fellow panelists: Sepideh Nasiri, Susan Akbarpour, Mori … Read more

JP Morgan Keynote (2022)

It was my pleasure to deliver a keynote at this wonderful event organized by JP Morgan Chase. I shared my life story and how I achieved the life that I desired through my authentic vision. And I was touched by the warm reception of this fantastic audience. Authentic vision comes from your essence or the … Read more

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