Achieve Your Authentic Vision

Experience Substantial Growth with Customized Advising

Shirin Behzadi
Board Member, Advisor
and Keynote Speaker

Achieve Your Authentic Vision

Experience Substantial Growth with Customized Consulting & Advising


Doing Well by
Doing Good

Shirin shares her 20+ years of business experience with a few select clients every year as part of her philosophy of giving back.

Shirin loves working with:

Growth-Minded Organizations
C-Level Leaders Interested in Strategic Growth
Companies Looking for Advice on Raising Capital and Exit Strategies
Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
Female Executives

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Create Your Authentic Vision

Shirin helps C-Level executives crystallize their vision and plans for their organization and create specific and measurable goals to achieve that vision.

Step One

Interview & Review

This stage empowers you to fully understand the disconnect between your vision and your reality so you can build a strong foundation for future success.

In this step, Shirin will work with you to:

  • Gain an understanding of organizational executive goals
  • Analyze the alignment of those goals through thoughtful exploration of your current state via interviews and reviews of plans

Step Two

Create & Design

As you better understand your current state, you can create an Authentic Vision that is measurable and achievable.

In this step, Shirin will work with you to:

  • Create and design an authentic vision
  • Develop measurable goals to help achieve this vision

Step Three

Communicate & Execute

Once you have created your Authentic Vision, you will share your vision with key stakeholders and work with them to achieve your new goals.

In this step, Shirin will work with you to:

  • Develop a methodical communication plan across the organization
  • Ensure proper execution of the plan

Step Four

Evaluate & Recalibrate

After implementing your Authentic Vision, you will have Shirin’s guidance to help you navigate challenges and adapt to unforeseen changes.

As you achieve your Authentic Vision, Shirin will:

  • Operate as a sounding board and advisor for continued execution
  • Help evaluate the success of the execution and identify hurdles
  • Assist in recalibrating as needed in response to execution steps

Let's move your organization to a new level, together.


Shirin shares lessons learned from a career of success in business.

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